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NJBALLET New Jersey's Premiere Dance Company
Your gift will help sustain a 54 year-old tradition of dance excellence and programs that can change people’s lives. Please join us. Barbara Gilford, former contributor of dance articles in The New York Times New Jersey Weekly from 1984 through 1995, offers these thoughts on New Jersey Ballet. “New Jersey Ballet Company is the ONLY dance organization in the New York metropolitan area that takes high quality programming and performances to urban, rural and suburban communities throughout New Jersey (and at a cost that is “affordable” in comparison with the major organizations in New York City who are at home at Lincoln Center). Residents of our state have access to a three hundred year-old dance tradition, frequently on their doorsteps. New Jersey Ballet is an assemblage of professional dancers who embody the highest standards of technique and artistry and they are OURS!!!” Aron was a senior in an inner city high school when he came to his first New Jersey Ballet performance. Afterwards, he wrote about how it made him feel. “The arts are important in today’s society not only because it keeps kids off the street and out of trouble, but it gives us as one generation a sense of release. Everyone has different situations at home, school, work or wherever that counselors can’t change and make better. We can’t trust that our tongues alone would tell the story and take the audience on a journey, sometimes it takes the deepest part of us to make others understand. I dance because of this very reason. In the last ten years of my life, I’ve lost my parents, been abused, fell downhill and have gotten clean from the dirt that I was exposed to. How can I testify to others without speaking of it? I testify through dance! My body is my temple of stories and you will know my story by looking deep within my heart and my message and learn. That’s how I did it. I watch, relate, experience, and release to others. If the arts were not exposed to the generation of today, we would be lost.” New Jersey Ballet Company's extensive performance schedule is made possible by the support from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts and by generous corporate, foundation and individual contributions. For a brochure or more information about the theaters, performances or how to become a sponsor, call New Jersey Ballet at (973) 597-9600 or email: info@njballet.org To make a tax deductible donation to New Jersey Ballet, please click the link above or call 973-597-9600.